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Office Setup & Bookkeeping

Organise your office to better manage your time – sending out invoices, paying your bills, reconciling bank statements, and handling IRD or ACC matters. Manual or computerized book keeping can be provided or implemented by us.

Payroll/Wages Processing/Outsourcing

There’s more to managing payroll than just inputting timesheets and getting employees paid on time. You need to keep accurate records, calculate and pay payroll taxes, ensure you are legislatively compliant and communicate effectively with employees. OMS offers these solutions through their New Zealand-based outsourcing payroll services. Many businesses are finding that they can simplify the process by using an outsourced payroll provider to manage the entire process cost-effectively and efficiently.

GST & PAYE Returns

We can assist with completion of GST and PAYE returns and arrange for payment and filing with Inland Revenue.

Expert Support and Training in MYOB, Cash Manager, ACE, Synergy & IMS Payroll

These are some of the accounting software applications that we can use on a regular basis with our clients. We have developed good relationships with the providers of these software packages, which makes it easier to sort out any problems that may arise with a particular part of any software.  As with most types of software the initial set up is most important. We can ensure that set up in is completed so that you get the most our of your software package.

Payroll and Accounting Software Setup and Training

Let us look at what software would suit your situation and staffing requirements. You may only need something simple or something to handle large staff numbers doing lots of different jobs. You may simply require some training in the software you run.

Temp Work

Someone taking unplanned leave and help required in the office urgently? The staff at OMS are experts in office management and know most accounting systems back-to-front. Enquire about our confidential temping services today!

Off-Site Backup Storage

Even if you take regular backups of your data they are no good to you if they are lost in the fire that destroys your offices. We can keep your date in a fire-safe environment that is in turn regularly backed-up.

From our office or yours. With internet and email, we can complete your office work, if you are not in Alexandra!